Badam drink mix

Badam drink mix


Badam- 100gm
Saffron strands- One pinch
Cardamom- 5
Sugar- 4-5 tbl sp


Soak badam for overnight.
Peel off the outer skin and sun dry it for about 4 days.
Make a fine powder of badam sugar & cardamom.
Add saffron stranda and mix well.
Store in an airtight container.
Add one tbl sp powder to a cup of milk. Mix it well and serve.
Badam drink mix
Badam drink


  • You can serve hot or chilled. 
  • Another method for peeing off the skin is put the almonds in hot water(boiled & flame offed) for 3 minutes and then place in cold water for two minute and then you can peel off easily.

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