Set dosa

Set dosa


White rice- 1 cup
Urad dal (uddina bele)- 1/2 cup
Paper aval or thick aval- One handfull
Salt to taste
Grated carrot- 1/2 cup
Finely chopped coriander leaves- 1/4 cup


1. Soak rice & urad dal for about 4-5 hours.

2. Grind all the ingredients to a smooth batter; the consistency of the batter should not be too thin.

3. Keep the batter overnight.

4. Heat the tava and put few drops of oil or ghee & spread it by using half an onion; pour a ladleful of batter and slightly spread it (don't spread too much and don't make it thin).

5. Garnish the dosa with grated carrot and chopped coriander leaves.
Set dosa
6. Once the dosa is cooked to some extent drizzle few drops of oil or ghee over it; flip it to other side and cook for 2 more minutes.
Set dosa
7. Now set dosa is ready to serve; serve hot with any chutney or sambar.

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