Sabbakki- Sago Sandige

Sabbakki- Sago Sandige


Sabbakki/Sago- 1 cup
Water- 4 cups
Salt to taste


Soak sago peals in water overnight.

Cook the sago till the peals become transparent. Add salt.

Let it cool.

Spread a plastic sheet and place a spoonfull of cooked sago mixture.

Like this place all the cooked sago mixture in the form of small circles.

Sun dry for about 5-7 days.

Store in an airtight container.

Deep fry the sandige and eat as a snacks or with rice & rasam.
Sabbakki-Sago Sandige

You can also add few green chilly paste, cumin seeds or sesame seeds, asafoetida.

The size will get doubled when fried.

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