Mullu sowthe idly- kottige-kadubu

Mullu sowthe idly-kottige- kadubu


White rice- 1 cup
Grated coconut- 2 tbl sp
Grated cucumber- 1 cup
Salt to taste

Keep ready the grated  cucumber.

Squeeze out the water from the grated cucumber. (Use this water for grinding the rice)

Grind the rice by adding salt & squeeze out water. (Don't add extra water while grinding).

Mix the grated cucumber & rice batter.

Method:1 Cook in a idly cooker like thatte idly.
Cucumber-Mullu sowthe thatte idly
Method:2 You can also prepare using normal idly plates.
Cucumber-Mullu sowthe idly
Method:3 Usually in native we are preparing this by folding the batter in banana leaf and cooking. This enhances the taste.

Slightly wilt the banana leaves using low flame; so that it will be easy to fold.

Wipe the banana leaf using a cotton cloth.

Place one ladleful of batter on banana leaf and fold all the four sides.

Steam cook for about 20-25 minutes.
Mullu sowthe kottige-kadubu
Mullu sowthe kottige-kadubu
Serve with spicy  chutney or sambar.

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