Homemade Curd, Butter, Buttermilk & Ghee

Homemade Curd, Butter, Buttermilk & Ghee


Milk- ½ litter
Thick butter milk or curd- ½ cup


How to prepare Curd, Butter & Buttermilk:

Boil the milk. Let it get cooled.

When the boiled milk gets completely cooled down add ½ cup thick butter milk or curd. Mix it well and keep it for overnight. Next morning curd will be ready.

Churn the curd by adding 1 cup water.
(You can churn using churning machine or mixei)
Homemade Curd
It will take 10-15 minutes to separate butter from curd.
Collect the butter using a spoon.
Homemade Butter
Now fresh & cool butter milk is ready to drink.
Homemade Buttermilk 
How to prepare Ghee:

Wash the butter for 4-5 times in water so that all the butter milk gets separated.
(Add water to the butter & stir it using a spoon; discard washed water after few minutes.Repeat this process for 4-5 times until you get the clear water even after washing.)
You can keep the collected washed butter in refrigerator. Prepare ghee once in  a week. Just keep the butter out from refrigerator 5-6 hours before the preparation of ghee.
Wash the butter 1-2 times in water.

Melt the butter in a pan using medium flame.
Foamy and cloudy bubbles will appear. Starts making a sizzling sound.

When the butter melts completely heat using a low flame.
After few minutes when all the liquid & moisture evaporates the sizzling sound decreases. The cloudy bubbles will get clear.
The golden brown milk solids settled at the bottom of the pan. The clear ghee remains as golden yellow liquid with a pleasant smell.
Stain the ghee using strainer to separate the sediments.
 Homemade Ghee
Store the ghee in an airtight container. The ghee becomes yellow when it cools completely.
Home made ghee
Recently I have purchased curd churning machine called Mathana. It is very good and it requires less time for the process.
For churning the curd using mathana you need a round shaped vessel.
curd buttermilk butter ghee

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