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Now a days in every field we are more curious for easy methods. Few may find that cooking is difficult thing and burden. But it is not like that;  it depends upon how you are handling. Making it as easy and interesting is in your hand. By using some tips or ideas cooking can be done easily in a short span of time. Here there are few tips which I have experienced and being used  in my kitchen.
 Kitchen tips & tricks:

  • Keep the vegetables and fruits in polythene cover while refrigeration to retain freshness.
  • Always wash the vegetables, fruits or leaves before refrigeration. So that your refrigerator will remain clean and then just after putting in water you can cut them whenever you need.
  • Wash the vegetables before peeling or cutting to prevent the loss of water soluble nutrients. 
  • If the store brought leaves are wilted; soak their roots in water for about 15-30 minutes. They will become fresh.
  • Don’t store onion & garlic together or with any other vegetables.
  • Peel the vegetables as thin as possible to reduce the loss of nutrients
  • To avoid crying while chopping onions after peeling onions cut into half and put in water for 5-10  minutes before chopping.
  • Soak cauliflower in vinegar or salt mixed water for about 15 minutes; this process  removes dirt and kill insects present in the florets.
  • In case if you forgot to soak channa or rajma overnight soak it in boiling water before an hour of cooking.
  • To get maximum amount of juice from lemon; roll it on the kitchen slab/flour using your palm.
  • While cooking okra add a tsp of buttermilk or lemon juice to reduce slime.
  • Seasoning is an important step in cooking. We should take care each & every step while seasoning. While seasoning fry until the colour slightly changes to enjoy good flavour.
  • The dal water which remains after the preparation of holige/obbattu can be used for rasam or sambar instead of wasting. It is nutritious.
  • If you don’t have tomatoes in your kitchen; you can add tomato ketchup or tomato sauce instead of that for gravies.
  • If the added salt is excess means you can add potato pieces or soak the salty vegetable pieces in warm water for 15 minutes & then add them to the sambar.  
  • Before using paneer soak it in warm water for few minutes for softness.
  • Add little sugar to the dosa batter for crispy dosa.
  • Add little paper aval to the dosa batter for soft dosa.
  • Rubbing onion to the hot tawa imparts nice flavor to the dosa as well prevents dosa from sticking to the tawa.
  • Adding little thick aval while grinding idli batter make the idli's soft.
  • Add the left over rice to the idli or dosa batter instead of aval for softness.
  • You can add hot milk or hot water or banana to make soft chapati.
  • For non-sticky noodles immediate after cooking noodles put in normal cold water.
  • For non-sticky rice add little lime juice & oil before cooking.
  • Before boiling milk add little water in the vessel to avoid sticking to bottom.
  • Add little corn flour to the gram flour batter for crispy pakoda.
  • Add little salt to the oil while deep frying like pooris, pakodas etc to reduce the oil absorption.
  • If the gulab jamun dough is thin you can add little corn flour. So that it will not break while frying.
  • To get clean slices of cakes or cold desserts soak knife in warm water for 5 minutes and wipe it to dry. Use this knife for slicing. 
  • To make cardamom powder; grind it with little sugar to get fine powder.

Time saving tips for working women:
  • Chop the vegetables day before night itself & store it in refrigerator.
  • If you are planning to prepare rice items like pulao etc; keep the chopped vegetables day before night itself.
  • Always keep different masalas ready to use so that you can directly add whenever you need.
  • Keep all the vessels washed night itself so that your cooking will be easy in the morning.

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